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    Cities and Capitals around the World

    Capital Cities of Europe

    Buildings of European Capitals: Athens, Greece; London, UK; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; and Rome in Italy
    The iconic buildings of European Capitals. (from l to r) Athens, Greece; London, UK; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; and Rome in Italy.
    Images: Ad Meskens (Athens); Gryffindor (London); Julie Anne Workman (Paris); kk (Berlin); xiquinhosilva (Rome)

    European Capitals

    List of the capital cities of the European Union and other countries of Europe.

    European Union Flag
    Flag of the European Union

    In Europe, you will find some famous capitals like Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, London, Paris, Prague, Stockholm, and Vienna, to name only some. On this page, you will find a list of all capital cities of the European states with figures of the city proper population*.

    Have a look at the cities from space; for each city, there is a searchable map/satellite view; additionally, you will find links to the official city site and more information about a city.

    The city pages also offer travel and tourist information for vacations, shopping, dining, and nightlife. Get tips for accommodation, local activities, tourist attractions, cultural events, sightseeing, and round trips for your leisure activities in that city.

    The country links lead you to the respective country profile page.

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    * City proper is a locality with legally fixed boundaries and an administratively recognized urban status that is usually characterized by some form of local government.

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    Population Sources: various national statistical offices (see: Population by Country)

    Capital City
    Satellite View and Map

    Capital Cities and the States of Europe

    The Hague (Den Haag; seat of govt)
    Google Earth Amsterdam Map
    Google Earth The Hague
    Andorra la Vella Google Earth Andorra la Vella Map 23,000 Andorra
    Athens (Athína) Google Earth Athens Map 664,000 Greece
    Belgrade (Beograd) Google Earth Belgrade Map 1,200,000 Serbia
    Berlin Google Earth Berlin Map 3,770,000 Germany
    Bern (Berne, Berna) Google Earth Bern Map 134,000 Switzerland
    Bratislava Google Earth Bratislava Map 437,700 Slovakia
    Brussels (Bruxelles, Brüssel, Brussel) Google Earth Brussels Map 1,200,000 Belgium
    Bucharest (Bucuresti) Google Earth Bucharest Map 1,820,000 Romania
    Budapest Google Earth Budapest Map 1,750,000 Hungary
    Chisinau Google Earth Chisinau Map 686,000 Moldova
    Copenhagen (København) Google Earth Copenhagen Map 632,300 Denmark
    Dublin (Baile Átha Cliath) Google Earth Dublin Map 554,000 Ireland
    Helsinki (Helsingfors) Google Earth Helsinki Map 653,800 Finland
    Kiev (Kyïv) Google Earth Kiev Map 2,952,000 Ukraine
    Lisbon (Lisboa) Google Earth Lisbon Map 505,500 Portugal
    Ljubljana Google Earth Ljubljana Map 284,300 Slovenia
    London Google Earth London Map 8,900,000 United Kingdom
    Luxembourg (Luxemburg, Letzebuerg) Google Earth Luxembourg City Map 122,200 Luxembourg
    Madrid Google Earth Madrid Map 3,266,000 Spain
    Minsk Google Earth Minsk Map 2,020,000 Belarus
    Monaco Google Earth Monaco Map 38,300 Monaco
    Moscow (Moskva) Google Earth Moscow Map 12,500,000 Russia
    Nicosia (Lefkosía (gk), Lefkosa) Google Earth Nicosia Map 55,000 Cyprus
    Nuuk (Godthåb) Google Earth Nuuk Map 18,000 Greenland
    Oslo Google Earth Oslo Map 693,500 Norway
    Paris Google Earth Paris Map 2,148,000 France
    Podgorica Google Earth Podgorica Map 199,000 Montenegro
    Prague (Praha) Google Earth Prague Map 1,324,000 Czech Republic
    Reykjavik Google Earth Reykjavik Map 131,000 Iceland
    Riga Google Earth Riga Map 632,600 Latvia
    Rome (Roma) Google Earth Rome Map 2,860,000 Italy
    San Marino Google Earth San Marino Map 4,000 San Marino
    Sarajevo Google Earth Sarajevo Map 280,000 Bosnia & Herzegovina
    Skopje Google Earth Skopje Map 560,000 North Macedonia
    Sofia (Sofija) Google Earth Sofia Map 1,241,000 Bulgaria
    Stockholm Google Earth Stockholm Map 975,000 Sweden
    Tallinn (Reval) Google Earth Tallinn Map 437,000 Estonia
    Tirana (Tiranë) Google Earth Tirana Map 557,000 Albania
    Vaduz Google Earth Vaduz Map 5,670 Liechtenstein
    Valletta Google Earth Valletta Map 6,000 Malta
    Vatican City Google Earth Vatican City Map 453 Holy See
    Vienna (Wien) Google Earth Vienna Map 1,897,500 Austria
    Vilnius Google Earth Vilnius Map 580,000 Lithuania
    Warsaw (Warszawa) Google Earth Warsaw Map
    1,783,000 Poland
    Zagreb Google Earth Zagreb Map 820,000 Croatia (Hrvatska)

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