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    Bob Marley images on a wall of the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica
    Bob Marley images on a wall of the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica.
    Image: Takehiko Ono
    Jamaica Flag
    Flag of Jamaica
    Location map of Jamaica. Where in the Caribbean is Jamaica?
    Location map of Jamaica
    Destination Jamaica, the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea is situated west of Hispaniola and south of Cuba, about 870 km (540 mi) south east of Miami.

    Jamaica shares maritime borders with the Cayman Islands (UK), Colombia, Cuba, and Haiti. Nearby Caribbean island nations are Dominican Republic and Haiti on the island of Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico.

    Jamaica's landscape is mostly mountainous, a limestone plateau covers two-thirds of the island, karst formations with caverns and caves dominate the island, it has narrow coastal plains, green dense rainforests and sandy bays and beaches. Highest point is Blue Mountain Peak (2,256 m) in the Blue Mountains National Park in the east of the island.

    Jamaica covers an area of 10,991 km2, making it slightly larger than Cyprus, or slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Connecticut.

    The island has a population of 2.75 million people (2015). Capital and largest city is Kingston, other major cities are Spanish Town and Montego Bay. Official language is Jamaican English, mainly spoken is Jamaican Patois or Patwa, an English-based creole language with West African influences.

    Jamaica | Jamaïque | Jamaika | Xaymaca

    Country Profile

    Jamaica is the third largest of the Caribbean islands, and the largest English-speaking island in the Caribbean Sea.

    In pre-columbian times Jamaica was inhabited by an estimated 60,000 Arawak Indians. In 1494 Christopher Columbus "discovered" the island and claimed it at once for the King and Queen of Spain. In 1517 first Africans brought to Jamaica by the Spaniards. The British arrived in 1655, defeated the Spaniards and claimed the island for the King of England.

    By the late 17th and early 18th centuries the island was virtually divided. Colonial planters and their slaves inhabited and worked in the costal plains, while high up in the Blue Mountains there lived fugitive slaves, the free community of the Maroons.

    More than 300 years later on August 6, 1962, Jamaica became an independent sovereign state and a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

    related countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Spain, United Kingdom

    Official Name:

    ISO Country Code: jm, JAM

    Local Time = UTC -5h
    Actual Time: Sun-Nov-8  04:30

    Country Calling Code: +1 876

    Capital City: Kingston (pop. 630 000)

    Other Cities:
    Montego Bay (pop. 97 000), Negril.

    Type: Constitutional parliamentary democracy.
    Independence: 6 August 1962 (from the UK). At Independence, Jamaica became a member of the Commonwealth, with Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State. The Queen is represented in Jamaica by the Governor-General.

    Location: Caribbean, island in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba.
    Area: 11,000 km2 (4,247 sq. mi.)
    Terrain: Mountainous, less than one-fifth of the land is relatively flat.

    Climate: Jamaica's climate is tropical marine. The mountainous terrain, the north-east trade winds and land-sea breezes modify the climate.

    Nationality: Noun and adjective--Jamaican(s).
    Population: 2.7 million (2015)
    Ethnic Groups: multi-ethnic society, with blacks predominating - 90.9%, East Indian 1.3%, Chinese 0.2%, White 0.2%, mixed 7.3%, other 0.1%.
    Religions: Anglican, Baptist and other Protestant, Roman Catholic, Rastafarian, Jewish.
    Languages: English (official), most Jamaicans speak an English-based dialect which is known as patois.
    Literacy: 80%

    Natural resources: Bauxite, gypsum, limestone.

    Agriculture products: Sugarcane, bananas, coffee, citrus, yams, vegetables, poultry, goats, milk, crustaceans, and mollusks.

    Industries: Tourism, bauxite/alumina, textiles, agro processing, wearing apparel, light manufactures, rum, cement, metal, paper, chemical products, telecommunications.

    Exports - commodities: alumina, bauxite, sugar, rum, coffee, yams, beverages, chemicals, apparel, mineral fuels

    Exports - partners: USA 24.4%, Canada 16.5%, Russia 9.3%, Netherlands 8.9%, Iceland 7.2%, UK 6.5% (2015)

    Imports - commodities: food and other consumer goods, industrial supplies, fuel, parts and accessories of capital goods, machinery and transport equipment, construction materials

    Imports - partners:
    USA 32.6%, Venezuela 12.4%, China 12%, Trinidad and Tobago 11.1% (2015)

    Currency: Jamaican Dollar (JMD)

    Jamaica in numbers
    Jamaica key statistical data.

    King's House Jamaica, Kingston
    King's House Jamaica, the King's House (formerly Somerset Pen) in Kingston is the official residence of the Governor-General of Jamaica.
    Image: Government of Jamaica

    Political system
    Jamaica is a constitutional parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realm. Chief of state is the British monarch, represented by the Governor-General, head of government is the Prime Minister of Jamaica.

    Official Sites of Jamaica

    Note: External links will open in a new browser window.  

    Government of Jamaica
    Website of the Cabinet Office of the Government of Jamaica.

    Jamaica Houses of Parliament
    Site of Jamaica's parliament.

    Jamaica Information Service
    Information on Government policies, programmes and the activities.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade
    Official website of the ministry.

    Jamaican High Commission
    Established as one of the first diplomatic missions at the time of Jamaica's emergence as an independent country - London.
    Permanent Mission of Jamaica to the United Nations
    The official web site of Jamaica's Mission to the UN.
    Jamaican Embassies and High Commissions Overseas
    List of Jamaican Diplomatic Missions Abroad.
    Diplomatic Representation in Jamaica
    Address list of Consular Missions in Jamaica.

    Statistical Institute of Jamaica
    Statistics in the island of Jamaica.

    Jamaica in figures
    Key statistical data of Jamaica.


    Map of Jamaica
    Political Map of Jamaica.
    Administrative Map of Jamaica
    Map showing Jamaica with parish boundaries, parish capitals, major cities,
    main roads, railroads and major airports.

    Google Earth Google Earth Jamaica
    Searchable map and satellite view of Jamaica.
    Google Earth Google Earth Kingston
    Searchable map and satellite view of Kingston, Jamaica's capital.

    Map of Central America and the Caribbean
    Reference Map of Central America and the Caribbean. 

    Jamaica News

    Jamaica enjoys a free press and its newspapers frequently criticise officials. [1]

    Jamaica Gleaner
    Biggest national news paper offers Jamaica News and country information.
    The Jamaica Observer
    Jamaica News.
    The Jamaica Star
    More Jamaican News.

    Radio Jamaica

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    Beach talk, Negril, Jamaica
    Beach talk, Negril Jamaica.
    Image: Peter

    Arts & Culture

    Institute of Jamaica
    Cultural, artistic and scientific organisation in Jamaica.
    Jamaica Photo Gallery
    A Jamaican online photo album by National Geographic.
    National Library of Jamaica
    Jamaica's premier library for fostering and promoting the nation's knowledge of its history and heritage.

    Reggae Music
    The culture of Jamaica is a music culture.

    Dread Library
    The Rhetoric of Reggae Music.
    Reggae Sumfest
    Reggae @ it's best - Montego Bay.
    Rootz,Reggae and more.

    Bob Marley
    The Spirit of Jamaica.
    The Bob Marley Foundation
    Manifesting the Message.
    Burning Spear
    The Official site.
    Misty in Roots
    English but roots.
    Third World
    First Class Music from the Third World.
    Bob Marley Shot
    Bob Marley Shot. The Pan-African colors are red, gold, and green (inspired by the flag of Ethiopia).
    Image: Steve Bennett

    Business & Economy

    Jamaica has a mixed economic system that includes a variety of private freedom, combined with centralized economic planning and government regulation. Jamaica is a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).
    Top industries are tourism; alumina, bauxite; agro-processing, and light manufactures.

    Bank of Jamaica
    The central bank of Jamaica located in Kingston.
    Jamaica Stock Exchange - JSE
    The principal stock exchange of Jamaica.

    Jamaican Products
    Appleton Rum Jamaica
    The world's second oldest spirit.
    Jamaican Coffee
    The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.
    Jamaican sugar cane
    Processing of Jamaican sugar cane.


    Air Transport

    Fly Jamaica Airways
    Fly Jamaica Airways is an airline headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, it operates flights from Norman Manley International Airport.

    International Airports
    There are three international airports in Jamaica:

    Norman Manley International Airport (IATA: KIN; Kingston)
    Ian Fleming International Airport (IATA: OCJ; Boscobel, Ocho Rios)
    Sangster International Airport (IATA: MBJ; Montego Bay)

    Air Jamaica
    Air Jamaica was Jamaica's National Airline. The airline ceased all operations in 2015.

    Jamaican Ports
    Cruise Jamaica
    The Port authority of Jamaica.

    Looking into the Caribbean, Saint James, Montego Bay
    Looking into the Caribbean, Saint James, Montego Bay.
    Image: Kitty Schweizer

    Travel and Tour Consumer Information

    Destination Jamaica - Travel and Tourism Guides

    Discover Jamaica: Bob Marley Museum (Reggae legend Bob Marley's 19th-century house is now a museum in Kingston); Blue Mountains (mountain range with the island's highest point, Blue Mountain Peak, at 2256 m); Doctor's Cave Beach Club (famous beach in Montego Bay); Dolphin Cove Jamaica Ocho Rios (swim with dolphins, snorkel with stingrays and feed sharks); Dunn's River Falls (terraced waterfall near Ocho Rios);

    Official Jamaica tourist information by the Jamaica Tourist Board.

    Discover Jamaica
    Kingston, Mandeville, Montego Bay and more.
    Best Jamaica
    Jamaica Tour Company.
    Jamaica Irie
    A site for information about tourism related topics in Jamaica.

    De web site on Jamaica, a portal dedicated to Jamaican arts and culture.
    Jamaica's South Coast
    Travel Jamaica's South Coast.
    Jamaica travel and tourism Information.
    What to do in Jamaica
    A guide to Jamaica by the Association of Jamaica Attractions Ltd.

    Montego Bay (pop. 97 000)
    Montego Bay City visitors guide.
    Negril visitors guide.

    Sunset at Bloody Bay Negril, Jamaica
    Catching the sun at Bloody Bay Negril.
    Image: Robert Whitefield
    ride di riddim

    Land of Wood and Water, Jamaica waterfall and river
    Xaymaca - Land of Wood and Water
    © Jamaica Tourist Board


    National Library of Jamaica

    College of Agriculture (CASE)

    Northern Caribbean University
    University of the West Indies
    Mona Campus.
    The Blue Hole in Ocho Rios, Jamaica
    The Blue Hole near Ocho Rios is a popular spot for tourists and locals, has scenic tropical waterfalls.
    Image: florador

    Environment & Nature

    National Environment & Planning Agency (NEPA) Home Page
    NEPA promotes Sustainable Development by ensuring protection of the environment and orderly development in Jamaica.

    Cockpit Country
    Windsor Research Centre (WRC) created this website to share information about a globally unique landscape located in the heart of Jamaica.

    Cultural and ethnic groups of Jamaica

    Accompong - the Maroon Capital
    The Maroon Capital.

    The Maroons of Jamaica
    The Maroons, escaped ex-slaves who settled in the mountains of Jamaica, carved out a significant area of influence.
    The Maroons
    Creativity and Resistance: Maroon Cultures in the Americas, Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.
    The Jamaican Maroons
    Page about the Jamaican Maroons.
    The Maroons and Moore Town
    Article from L.G. Harris a former Colonel of the Moore Town Maroons.
    The Story of Grandy Nanny
    The woman who became one of Jamaica's founding "fathers"!

    Marcus Garvey and the Early Rastafarians: Continuity and Discontinuity
    Background history of the Rastafarian movement.

    Rastafarianism: An Overview
    Rastafari at a glance by BBC.


    History of Jamaica
    An overview of Jamaica's history.


    Jamaican Language Site
    The contemporary form of Patois.

    Jamaican Patwah
    Patois Definitions, a Jamaican dictionary with Patois, Rasta and Reggae words - Walk Good!


    Sources and additional Information on Jamaica

    Amnesty International: Jamaica

    Background Notes: Jamaica

    BBC Country Profile: Jamaica

    The Commonwealth: Jamaica

    FAO: Jamaica

    GlobalEDGE: Jamaica

    The Heritage Foundation: Jamaica

    Human Rights Watch: Jamaica

    OEC: Jamaica

    Reporters Without Borders: Jamaica

    Wikipedia: Jamaica

    The World Factbook -- Jamaica
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