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    Get informed about what's happening on this planet.

    Below there is a list of carefully picked links to news sources around the world. You will be able to catch up with what is happening on this planet straightaway.

    We help you to find out the truth, believe me.
    Learn to read between the lines and hone your critical thinking.

      Facts first:
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    Do you want to know what's really going on? This page is made to enable you to get instant access to information about international and national issues from news sources with various, many-sided perspectives. With the links below you have the news of the world at your disposal!

    But be careful not to read the news only to feed your own opinion.

    On this page, you will find a selection of links to the world's major newspapers, news services, and broadcasters with high-level standards -- international recognized and observed by millions of people around the world.

    Those (online)newspapers are kind of independent and unbiased and provide fast, up-to-date, comprehensive, usually objective, and reliable news -- and they all are fed with the "products" of a handful of News Agencies (big4), as well independent and unbiased -- the rest is journalistic craft.
    You can reason about whether you can trust them, so use your critical perception.

    To get local news from around the World use this List of Countries. On every country page is a News section, with links to the newspapers of the country.

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    The most dangerous worldviews are the worldviews of those who have never viewed the world.
    Alexander von Humboldt

    Someone needs to remind (...) what reporting is meant to do: to convey news, not impressions.
    Unnamed Israeli Journalist

    The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy; it is the enemy of the American People!
    Donald Trump

    Truth is an interesting fact but seemingly negotiable, now seems to be the time (again) that the truth content of the description of actual events is watered-down to homeopathic strength to gain political advantage.
    kk nationsonline.org

    Truth is absolutely overrated.
    Mephisto's lawyer


    Most reliable news sources
    An assortment of reliable news sources.

    Newspapers of record
    Generally authoritative newspapers.

    News Sources by Regions:
    Africa | The Americas | Asia and Middle East | Australia and South Pacific / Oceania | Europe | Universe

    Major International News Agencies

    Humanitarian Issues

    Credibility of Media Outlets and News Sources

    More of the latest national news will be found on the particular  Country Page

    Note: Links will open in a new browser window.

    Facts or Opinions

    A fact is beyond dispute but an opinion is someone’s view, and it isn't guaranteed to be true. An essential skill for reading news articles is to differentiate between a fact, and the case when it seems that someone tries to provide an opinion as fact.

    Not sure if a story is true? Cross-check a story with another (news)source, the more sources you can find for a story, the better. Check if the story is factual and PR-free.
    Fast-check: Copy the headline of the story into a search-engine like Google or Yahoo!, and look at the results. The more references from trusted sources you will find, the more it is possible the story is true. If only dubious sources show up, the story is most likely not true.

    Most reliable news sources (in our view)

    Associated Press (USA)
    United States' primary news service.

    ABC News
    News division of the American Broadcasting Company owned by Disney.

    The Christian Science Monitor (USA)
    CSM weekly magazine covers international and US current events.

    Deutsche Welle
    Trusted Germany's public international broadcaster with a German perspective.

    EA WorldView
    Blog by Scott Lucas, Professor of American Studies at the University of Birmingham, covering issues and analysis of Iran, Syria, the Middle East, the US and Russia.

    Fareed Zakaria
    Indian-American journalist and author, host of CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS and a columnist for The Washington Post.

    The Economist
    Edited in London, one of the most trusted news sources, about half of its weekly circulation is sold in the United States.

    The Guardian (UK)
    British daily newspaper, named Newspaper of the Year four times.

    The Nation (USA)
    The oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the United States offers liberal/progressive political and cultural news, opinion, and analysis.

    The National Public Radio, is threatened by Trump's massive cuts to domestic programs.

    The Progressive (USA)
    "A voice for peace, social justice, and the common good". Monthly magazine of politics, culture and progressivism.

    "We are committed to reporting the facts and in all situations avoid the use of emotive terms."

    Slate (USA)
    Online liberal/progressive magazine that covers current affairs, politics and culture in the US.

    SPIEGEL Online - International (Germany)
    One of the most widely read German-language news websites, the English section featuring articles translated into English.

    Voice of America (USA)
    United States government-funded multimedia news source!

    Washington Post
    Newspaper with a particular emphasis on national politics and the reputation to topple presidents.

    For the fun part of this page (but you should take it very seriously)
    Trump vs. Truth
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, John Oliver's show shows techniques how to produce 'Fake News' and how to identify them as such.

    Newspapers of record

    List of major newspapers that have a large circulation and their editorial, news collection and reporting practices are typically professional and authoritative by all means. The list may help you to increase your media literacy. By reading this quality newspapers, try to find out their political stance. Media literacy is the techniques that allow people to access, understand, and critically evaluate media. Keep in mind, that the online versions of a newspaper may differ in stance and style from the original paper.

    List of international newspapers of record by country, the city of publication, and the newspaper's political alignment:

    Argentina: La Nación official website
    Buenos Aires | founded in 1870 | language: Spanish | Political alignment: Center-Right, Economic liberalism

    Australia: The Age official website
    Melbourne | founded in 1854 | language: English | Political alignment: Center to center-left

    Australia: The Sydney Morning Herald official website
    Sydney | founded in 1831 | language: English | Political alignment: center-left

    Austria: Die Presse official website
    Vienna | founded in 1848 | language: German | Political alignment: center-right, Classical liberalism

    Bangladesh: The Daily Star official website
    Dhaka | founded in 1991 | language: English | Political alignment: progressive, often critical of the government

    Belgium: Le Soir official website
    Brussels | founded in 1887 | language: French | Political alignment: progressive, liberalism

    Belgium: De Standaard official website
    Dilbeek | founded in 1918 | language: Dutch | Political alignment: independent liberal

    Bolivia: El Diarioofficial website
    La Paz | founded in 1904 | language: Dutch | Political alignment: conservative

    Brazil: O Estad?o official website
    La Paz | founded in 1875 | language: Portuguese | Political alignment: center-right, conservative

    Brazil: Folha de S.Paulo official website
    La Paz | founded in 1921 | language: Portuguese/English | Political alignment: republican, neutral

    Brazil: O Globo official website
    Rio de Janeiro | founded in 1925 | language: Portuguese | Political alignment: conservative, center-right

    Canada: Le Devoir official website
    Montreal | founded in 1910 | language: French | Political alignment: Quebec nationalism, center-left.

    Canada: The Globe and Mail official website
    Toronto | founded in 1844 | language: English | Political alignment: liberal, slightly center-right

    Canada: La Presse official website
    Montreal | founded in 1884 | language: French | Political alignment: liberal, conservative.

    Chile: El Mercurio (emol) official website
    Santiago | founded in 1827 | language: Spanish | Political alignment: right-wing, conservative.

    Egypt: Al-Ahram official website
    Cairo | founded in 1875 | language: Arabic and English | Political alignment: since 2011 uncertain, nationalistic.

    Finland: Helsingin Sanomat (Hesari) official website
    Helsinki | founded in 1889 | language: Finnish | Political alignment: independent and non-aligned. The website of the paper is one of the most important sources of news in Finnish on the web.

    Finland: Helsinki Times official website
    Helsinki | founded in 2007 | language: English | English language daily online newspaper with Finland related articles.

    France: Le Figaro official website
    Paris | founded in 1826 | language: French | Political alignment: Right, Gaullism, Liberal conservatism. Oldest national daily in France.

    France: Libération official website
    Paris | founded in 1973 | language: French | Political alignment: center-left. Jean-Paul Sartre was one of the founder members.

    France: Le Monde official website
    Paris | founded in 1944 | language: French | Political alignment: center-left. Flagship French newspaper and one of the most important and widely respected newspapers in the world. [1]

    Germany: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.) official website
    Frankfurt | founded in 1949 | language: German | Political alignment: liberal-conservative, center-right. Influential German newspaper distributed nationally and internationally.

    Germany: Süddeutsche Zeitung official website
    Munich | founded in 1945 | language: German | Political alignment: progressive liberalism, left-leaning. One of the largest daily newspapers in Germany.

    Germany: Die Welt official website
    Hamburg | founded in 1946 | language: German | Political alignment: conservative. Founded by the British occupying forces in 1946, aiming to provide a "quality newspaper" modeled on The Times.

    Germany: Die Zeit official website
    Hamburg | founded in 1946 | language: German | Political alignment: centrist, liberal, left. Important highbrow weekly newspaper.

    Greece: Kathimerini official website
    Athens | founded in 1919 | language: Greek | Political alignment: liberal conservative, pro-European. There is an English version of the newspaper online.

    Hong Kong: South China Morning Post official website
    Hong Kong | founded in 1903 | language: English | Political alignment: pro-China? Draws criticism of political self-censorship. Hong Kong’s most prestigious English-language newspaper and newspaper of record. Since 2016 owned by Alibaba, 'perhaps the biggest pro-China organization in the world' (Zach Hines, former editor-in-chief of HK Magazine).

    India: The Hindu official website
    Chennai | founded in 1878 | language: English | Political alignment: left-leaning, critical of the government regardless of the ruling party. Second most circulated English-language newspaper in India and one of the two Indian newspapers of record.

    India: The Times of India official website
    Mumbai | founded in 1838 | language: English | Political alignment: centrist, kind of nationalist. Criticism: "it blurs the lines between journalism, news and advertising" [2]. Oldest English-language newspaper in India and the country’s most-read broadsheet. It is one of the two Indian newspapers of record. Times Internet, the digital arm of the group runs a more "tabloid" style online. The paper is owned by The Times Group, India’s largest media conglomerate.

    Indonesia: Kompas official website
    Jakarta | founded in 1965 | language: Indonesian | Political alignment: secular. Largest circulating printed media in Indonesia, regarded as a quality broadsheet for the middle- and upper middle class reader. There is an abridged English-language version online.

    Ireland: The Irish Times official website
    Dublin | founded in 1859 | language: English some Irish | Political alignment: liberal and progressive. Ireland's quality newspaper.

    Israel: Haaretz (in English), Haaretz (in Hebrew) official website
    Tel Aviv | founded in 1919 | language: Hebrew and English | Political alignment: liberal, political left. Israel's longest running newspaper currently in print.

    Italy: Corriere della Sera official website
    Milan | founded in 1876 | language: Italian | Political alignment: Liberalism, center-right. One of Italy's oldest newspapers.

    Jamaica: The Gleaner official website
    Kingston | founded in 1834 | language: English | Political alignment: --. Oldest Jamaican quality daily and the oldest newspaper in the Caribbean.

    Japan: Asahi Shimbun official website
    Osaka | founded in 1879 | language: Japanese and English | Political alignment: Liberal, center-left. One of Japan's oldest and largest national daily newspapers.

    Japan: Mainichi Shimbun (Japanese) Mainichi Shimbun (in English) official website
    Tokyo | founded in 1872 | language: Japanese and English | Political alignment: Liberal, center-left. Possibly the oldest existing Japanese daily newspaper.

    Kenya: Daily Nation official website
    Nairobi | founded in 1960 | language: English | Political alignment: kind of independent. The Daily Nation is Kenya's newspaper with the highest circulation.

    Malaysia: New Straits Times official website
    Kuala Lumpur | founded in 1965 | language: English | Political alignment: center-right, accused to be the mouthpiece for the Barisan Nasional, the former ruling party (until 2018). The country's oldest newspaper still in print.

    Netherlands: NRC Handelsblad (NCR) official website
    Amsterdam | founded in 1970 | language: Dutch | Political alignment: left liberal. The Netherlands' newspaper of record.

    Netherlands: De Volkskrant official website
    Amsterdam | founded in 1919 | language: Dutch | Political alignment: center-left. Netherlands' daily morning newspaper since 1921.

    New Zealand: The New Zealand Herald official website
    Auckland | founded in 1863 | language: English | Political alignment: center to right. New Zealand's largest newspaper in circulation.

    Norway: Aftenposten official website
    Oslo | founded in 1860 | language: Dano-Norwegian | Political alignment: conservative liberal. The newspaper is the largest in circulation in Norway.

    Peru: El Comercio official website
    Lima | founded in 1839 | language: Spanish | Political alignment: economic liberalism, center-right. Oldest newspaper in Peru and among the oldest Spanish-language journals in the world.

    Philippines: Philippine Daily Inquirer official website
    Manila | founded in 1985 | language: English | Political alignment: center-left. Philippines' newspaper of record.

    Portugal: Diário de Notícias official website
    Lisbon | founded in 1864 | language: Portuguese | Political alignment: mainstream. Today Diário de Notícias is a daily tabloid newspaper.

    Portugal: Público official website
    Lisbon | founded in 1990 | language: Portuguese | Political alignment: mainstream. Portugal's daily national newspaper.

    Singapore: The Straits Times official website
    Singapore | founded in 1845 | language: English | Political alignment: conservative, mostly pro-government. Singapore's English-language daily broadsheet, it is not sold in neighboring Malaysia.

    South Korea: Chosun Ilbo official website
    Seoul | founded in 1920 | language: Korean, the online version offers also English, Chinese, and Japanese | Political alignment: conservative. One of the major newspapers in South Korea.

    Spain: El País official website
    Madrid | founded in 1976 | language: Spanish, the online version offers also English, and Catalan, there is a Latin America version, and one in Brazilian Portuguese. | Political alignment: conservative. Second most circulated daily newspaper in Spain and a national newspaper of record.

    Sweden: Dagens Nyheter official website
    Stockholm | founded in 1864 | language: Swedish | Political alignment: mainstream, conservative. In 2013 the Swedish Journalist Association criticized the poor working conditions at the Dagens Nyheter and called it the "Swedish Ryanair".

    Switzerland: Neue Zürcher Zeitung official website
    Zürich | founded in 1780 | language: German | Political alignment: liberal, center-right. The Swiss newspaper of record is known for its objectivity and its detailed reports on international affairs.

    Switzerland: Le Temps official website
    Lausanne | founded in 1998 | language: French | Political alignment: center; social-liberalism. Swiss French-language daily newspaper published in Geneva.

    Turkey: Hürriyet official website
    Istanbul | founded in 1948 | language: Turkish; there is an English-language version online | Political alignment: mainstream, liberalism, secularism. The Turkish newspaper with the highest circulation in the country.

    United Kingdom: The Daily Telegraph official website
    London | founded in 1855 | language: English | Political alignment: conservative, center-right. The broadsheet is regarded as one of the UK's national newspaper of record.

    United Kingdom: The Times official website
    London | founded in 1785 | language: English | Political alignment: center-right. The British daily national newspaper is since 1985 foreign-controlled by News Corp, its Executive Chairman is Rupert Murdoch. In 2011 Murdoch faced allegations that his companies, including the British populist tabloid News of the World (ceased publication in July 2011), owned by News Corporation, had been regularly hacking the phones of celebrities, royalty, and public citizens.

    United States: The New York Times official website
    New York City | founded in 1851 | language: English | Political alignment: liberal. US American newspaper with worldwide influence and readership. In the US it is the second largest paper by circulation.

    United States: The Washington Post official website
    Washington | founded in 1877 | language: English | Political alignment: mixed, conservative-leaning. Largest newspaper published in Washington, D.C. (ranked in the Top10 of weekday circulation in the US). Until now The Washington Post received 47 Pulitzer Prizes.

    News by Regions:

    Africa | The Americas | Asia and Middle East | Australia and South Pacific / Oceania | Europe | Universe

    Major International News Agencies

    Credibility of Media Outlets and News Sources

    Note: Annotations in quotation marks are quotations and show the self-awareness of the particular news company.

    More of the latest national news will be found on the particular  Country Page


    News Sources by Regions and countries: Africa

    All of Africa

    Pan-African News, one of the best African news website, sourcing news from over 40 African news organizations.

    US based internet media company provides news related to Africa, it has representation offices in Johannesburg, South Africa; Lagos, Nigeria; and New York City, US.

    Agence de Presse Africaine
    Senegal based news agency provides Africa related news in French, English and Arabic.

    Pan-African News Wire
    More Pan-African News by Abayomi Azikiwe.

    African and Asian news covering by IRIN, a UN humanitarian information unit.

    Features news,analyses,and roundups of events in and about Africa.

    This is Africa
    "This is Africa (TIA) is a leading forum for African opinion, arts and music." part of the Dutch public multimedia NGO RNW Media.

    Aljazeera News Africa
    Aljazeera News Africa.

    BBC News Africa
    BBC news Africa.

    CNN News Africa
    CNN news Africa.

    African News by Country

    ANGOP - Agência Angola Press
    Angola Press agency is the official news agency of Angola.

    Botswana Guardian
    English language weekly.

    Cameroon related news in English and French.

    Al-Ahram Weekly
    English-language news by the Al-Ahram, Egypt's most widely circulating daily newspaper.

    Middle East News Agency
    MENA is Egypt's news agency run by the Egyptian government.

    Cyber Ethiopia
    Ethiopia news from the Swiss diaspora.

    The Point
    Daily newspaper published in Bakau, Gambia.

    Graphic Online
    Online version of the Daily Graphic, a state owned enterprise and along with the Mirror, the most widely read newspaper in Ghana.

    Ivory Coast
    Ivory Coast news in French.

    "Liberia's Leading Investigative News Magazine".

    Daily Nation
    Kenya's biggest daily paper.

    Malawi Nyasa Times
    Offers Malawi breaking news.


    The Namibian
    The country's largest daily newspaper based in Windhoek, Namibia.

    The Guardian
    Major Nigerian daily. "Conscience, Nurtured by truth".

    Daily newspaper based in Lagos, Nigeria.

    The New Times TNT
    English-language news from Rwanda.

    Dakar Matin
    Senegal online news portal (in French).

    Le Soleil online
    A Senegalese daily newspaper offers Senegal news in French.

    Somali Broadcasting Corporation
    Somalia news in Somali and English.

     South Africa
    Daily Mail & Guardian
    South African daily covers beside national and international news, current news from Africa.

    Swazi Observer
    Swaziland and South African news.

    Daily News
    Government owned Tanzania daily.

    Daily Monitor
    Uganda News.

    "Zambia's Leading Online News Site".

    News from Zimbabwe.

    The Zimbabwe Independent
    Zimbabwean business weekly.

    News Sources by Regions and countries: The Americas


    The Globe and Mail
    "The most authoritative news in Canada".

    CBC News
    News network with Canadian and international headlines.

    CTV News
    Current news from Canada and the world.

     United States

    US News Magazines

    The Atlantic
    American magazine based in Washington, D.C. with a reputation as a high-quality review organ with a moderate worldview.

    The Advocate
    American LGBT-interest magazine with Gay News, LGBT Rights, Politics, and Entertainment.

    Multinational business magazine.

    American weekly news magazine.

    The New Yorker
    Famous American magazine provides reportage, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry.

    Time (magazine)
    American weekly news magazine published in New York City.

    The Week (international edition)
    Weekly British news magazine that also publishes an US edition.

     United States

    US Newspapers
    Chicago Tribune
    Chicago's daily.

    Columbia Journalism Review
    Respected voice on press criticism published by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

    Miami Herald
    The Miami Herald online, offers local news and information.

    Los Angeles Times
    LAtimes' online edition.

    The Mercury News
    One of the top ten newspapers in the country.

    The New York Times
    An unchallenged news source?

    USA Today
    The Nations daily newspaper.

    Voice of America
    Multimedia broadcasting service funded by the U.S. government.

    Wall Street Journal
    English-language international daily newspaper with a focus on business.

    The Washington Post
    News provided by the 47 Pulitzer Prize winner newspaper.

    US Broadcasters
    Provides American and world news headlines and articles.
    News channel of the Columbia Broadcasting System.
    International well-known news network with global news covering and an American point of view.
    "C-SPAN.org gives you access to C-SPAN's daily coverage of Washington".
    PBS NewsHour
    Trustworthy Public Broadcasting Service.

    Latin America

    Buenos Aires Times
    "A World of Information in a Few Words.

    Clarín digital
    Argentina's most popular daily paper (In Spanish).

    Folha de São Paulo
    Brazil's largest daily. (in Portuguese)

    O Estado de S.Paulo
    Brazil daily Sao Paulo (in Portuguese)

    El Mercurio
    Leading online news source for Chile.

    La Tercera
    Chilean daily with national and international news. (in Spanish)

    El Universal
    Important Mexican newspaper.

    El Universal
    Leading Venezuela daily (in Spanish).

    News Sources by Regions and countries: Asia

    People's Daily
    China's official voice.

    South China Morning Post
    Leading South China daily.

     Republic of China - Taiwan
    The Taipei Times
    National and international news as well as news from China with another perspective.

    Express India
    Bombay - India News.

    Times of India
    New Delhi - National and international news.

    Jawa Pos, founded in 1949, headquartered in Surabaya. Indonesian language broadsheet and one of Indonesia's oldest newspapers.

    The Jakarta Post
    English language daily newspaper.

    Japan Times
    Japan's largest and oldest English-language daily.

    New Straits Times
    New Straits Times online news.

    Kantipur Online
    "Nepal's No. 1 Online News Site".

    Bangkok Post
    Thailand's English daily.

    The Nation
    Independent Online News & Information Service.

    ABS-CBN News

    Philippines TV station covering regional and international news.

    Manila Times
    Internet Edition of The Manila Times, the oldest running newspaper in the Philippines.

    The Philippine Star
    English-language news from Manila.

     Korea (South)
    Chosun Ilbo
    Daily News in English about Korea.

    Korea Times
    South Korean daily.

    Middle East News

    Al Ahram Weekly
    Egypt based English language weekly.

    Al Jazeera
    Well informed Qatar based Arabic-language news network from an Arabic perspective.
    Al Jazeera Media Network
    English language Al Jazeera International; news from and about real Middle Easterners, as well as news from the rest of the world.

    Middle East Time
    The uncensored online edition of the Egypt based newspaper.

    Palestine Info Center
    "The Voice of Palestine".

    "...an independent daily newspaper with a broadly liberal outlook".

    The Jerusalem Post
    Online edition of the Israel daily, with breaking news from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World.

    Saudi Arabia
    Arab News
    English-language daily newspaper published in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    News Sources by Regions and countries: Australia and South Pacific / Oceania


    Sydney Morning Herald
    Online edition of Sydney's daily.

    Herald Sun

    Australia's biggest-selling daily.

    ABC Australia
    News from Australia's state-owned and funded national public broadcaster.

     New Zealand

    The New Zealand Herald
    Online edition of New Zealand's largest newspaper.

    The Press
    The newspaper is the largest in circulation in New Zealand's South Island.

    Radio New Zealand
    News by New Zealand public service radio broadcaster.

    South Pacific / Oceania

    Pacific Islands News Association provides Pacific Islands news and information.

    Pacific Islands Report
    South Pacific News covering; a nonprofit news service of the Pacific Islands Development Program Honolulu.

    Related Consumer Information:


    News Sources by Regions and countries: Europe

    Northern Europe

    Sveriges Radio
    Swedish news in six languages.

    Russian news and analysis.

    The Moscow Times
    English-language weekly newspaper published in Moscow, Russia.

    The Irish Times
    The first newspaper in Britain and Ireland published on the World Wide Web.

     United Kingdom
    The Times
    Rupert Murdoch owned British daily national newspaper based in London.
    The Daily Telegraph
    British daily national newspaper published in London.
    The Guardian
    "Best daily newspaper on the world wide web".
    BBC News
    Global news network with a British point of view.

    Central Europe

    Le Parisien
    Online edition of Paris' daily (in French).
    Le Monde
    Leading French newspaper (in French).

    Deutsche Welle
    Germany's International Broadcaster, news and information in 35 languages.

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
    Online edition of FAZ a leading German newspaper (in German).

    Der Spiegel
    Germany's most important weekly magazine (in German).
    Spiegel Online International
    Spiegel Online (in English).

    "DutchNews.nl brings daily news from The Netherlands in English".

    Neue Zürcher Zeitung
    Swiss daily (in German).
    Tribune de Genève
    Swiss daily (in French)

    Southern Europe

    Athens-Macedonian News Agency
    Greece News Agency.

    Corriere della Sera
    Italy's most important newspaper with national and international news (in Italian).
    La Repubblica
    Largest Italian national daily published in Rome, with a centre-left political stance.
    La Stampa
    (The Press) is published in Turin, it is one of the big three newspapers in Italy, it has a centrist stance.

    El Mundo
    (English: The World) is the second largest daily newspaper in Spain (in Spanish).

    El País
    (English: The Country) is the most widely-circulated daily newspaper in Spain (in Spanish).

    Hürriyet Daily News
    Turkish English Daily.

    Diário de Notícias
    Daily tabloid newspaper published in Lisbon. The newspaper was founded in 1864.

    European Union
    Europe related articles by the American based political-journalism company.

    Major International News Agencies (wire services)

    The big four
    United Press International, Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France Presse - the 'big four' news agencies - provide over 90% of foreign news printed and published by the world's newspapers and news outlets.

    Agence France-Presse

    AFP a "Worldwide News Agency".
    One of the 'big four'. International news agency headquartered in Paris, France.

    Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA)
    Germany's news agency, the agency founded in 1949 and is headquartered in Hamburg.

    Press Association
    "The UK leader in news and sports information". Multimedia news agency operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    The world's largest international multimedia news agency is one of the 'big four', headquartered in London.
    Australia and Asia

    Australian Associated Press (AAP)
    Australia's largest independent news provider.

    Asia News Network
    ANN is a network of national daily newspapers published in Asian cities, organized to provide avenues for cooperation and to optimize coverage of major news events in the region.

    Press Trust of India (PTI)
    News agency sharing Indian news as well as international, business, and sports.

    Xinhua News Agency
    The official press agency of the People's Republic of China with its head office in Beijing.


    Associated Press (AP)
    "The essential global news network"
    One of the 'big four'. American multinational nonprofit news agency headquartered in New York City.

    United Press International (UPI)
    International news agency, headquartered in Miami, Florida, also one of the 'big four'.

    News Sources by Region: Universe

    Monthly American magazine about astronomy.

    Astronomy Now
    UK's best-selling astronomy magazine.

    Space web site, offering content about space, astronomy, technology, information, education, entertainment and business news.

    China National Space Administration
    Official website of China's national space agency.

    Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO
    Official website of India's space agency.

    NASA News
    Space news from the professionals.

    Space News
    News from the European Space Agency.

    United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
    The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs works to promote international cooperation in the peaceful use and exploration of space.

    News Sources Human Rights

    Major Human Rights Organizations

    Amnesty International
    London-based non-governmental organization focused on human rights.

    Coalition for the International Criminal Court
    The CICC is an international NGO which advocates for a fair, effective and independent International Criminal Court (ICC).

    Freedom House
    The U.S.-based organization conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom, and human rights. It publishes the annual Freedom in the World report. Other reports are Freedom on the Net and Freedom of the Press.

    Human Rights Watch
    The international organization pressures governments, policy makers and human rights abusers to denounce abuse and respect human rights. HRW publishes reports on many different topics, and compiles an annual World Report presenting an overview of the worldwide state of human rights.

    International Committee of the Red Cross
    Founded by Henry Dunant in 1863 in Geneva. The organization operates worldwide, helping people affected by conflict and armed violence. Its mandate is to protect victims of international and internal armed conflicts.

    Minority Rights Group International
    The organization campaigns worldwide to ensure that disadvantaged minorities and indigenous peoples can make their voices heard.

    Reporters Without Borders
    The organization Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF) advocates on issues relating to freedom of information and freedom of the press. The organization also publishes the annual World Press Freedom Index.

    Thomson Reuters Foundation News
    Thomson Reuters Foundation (formerly Reuters AlertNet) is a humanitarian news network which aims to keep relief professionals and the wider public up-to-date on humanitarian crises around the globe.

    Transparency International
    International NGO based in Berlin, Germany, its purpose is to take action to combat global corruption. The organization publishes a variety of publications, among them the Corruption Perceptions Index.

    United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner
    OHCHR is a United Nations agency that works to promote and protect the human rights.

    United Nations Development Programme UNDP works to achieve the eradication of poverty, and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion especially to the least developed countries. The UNDP promotes the Sustainable Development Goals, a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

    World Health Organization
    WHO is an agency of the United Nations, it is the directing and coordinating authority on international health work.

    Credibility of Media Outlets and News Sources

    Credibility of the Media

    Below there are a variety of statistical charts related to the credibility of media outlets and news sources.

    But keep in mind: "Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful." (George Box; statistician)

    Lets have a look at this chart of Statista, an online statistics, market research, and business intelligence portal, which provides access to data from market and opinion research institutions:

    America's most trusted news channels.

    Statista description: "This chart shows the percentage of Americans saying they trust the following news coverage the most."

    One may get the impression, that Fox News is the most trusted news network in the US, but if you look at the original source, the Quinnipiac University National Poll, it states that:

    "FOX News offers the most trusted network and cable news coverage, 29 percent of American voters say, when asked to compare the major TV news outlets in a Quinnipiac University National poll released today.
    But when network news is examined on a case-by-case basis, FOX drops in the ratings". FOX News is definitely the Republican choice as 58 percent of GOP voters say they trust FOX the most, while 13 percent turn to CNN, with 7 percent each for NBC and CBS, 5 percent for ABC and 2 percent for MSNBC. Only 3 percent of Democrats trust FOX the most, with 32 percent for CNN, 15 percent for NBC, 14 percent each for CBS and MSNBC and 8 percent for ABC" [5]
    The poll was conducted in March 2015, almost 2 years before Donald Trump assumed office.

    Which Media Outlets Are the Most Credible?

    Credibility of Media Outlets
    Source: Morning Consult

    According to a Morning Consult poll, a majority of adults think most cable news networks and major newspapers are credible. Thereof television news gets the highest number of people saying they are credible. The poll was conducted among 1,605 adults in December 2016. It has a margin of error of 2 percentage points.

    The most and least trusted news outlets in America

    The most and least trusted news outlets in America  
    Trust Levels of News Sources by Ideological Group, a poll by the Pew Research Center. The Center provides information on social issues, public opinion, and demographic trends shaping the United States and the world.

    Partizipants of the poll in 2014 were asked whether they had heard of each of the 36 outlets listed in the accompanying graphic. For those they had heard of, they were asked about their trust – or distrust – in each source.