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    Mountains and river in Baltistan in the Northern Areas of Pakistan
    Mountains and river in Baltistan in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Baltistan borders Gilgit in west, Xinjiang (China) in north, Ladakh in southeast and the Kashmir Valley in southwest.
    Image: Haseeb97
    Pakistan Flag
    Flag of Pakistan
    Location map of Pakistan. Where in Asia is Pakistan?
    Location map of Pakistan

    A virtual guide to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a country in South Asia with a coastline on the Arabian Sea in south. Pakistan is bordered by Afghanistan, China, India, and Iran.

    Within Pakistan's landscape there is the flat fertile Indus plain in east, nurtured by the Indus, the country's longest river and a key water resource. Pakistan's north is mountainous. The nation's highest mountains are in the Himalayas in north east. Pakistan's largest and least populated province is Balochistan situated on the Balochistan Plateau in the south and west.

    The country occupies an area of 796,095 km2, compared it is slightly larger than Turkey (783,562 km2) or slightly less than twice the size of the U.S. state of California.

    Pakistan has a population of 188 million people (data from Statistics Division, 2015).
    Capital is Islamabad. Main port, largest city and business capital of Pakistan is Karachi, second largest city is Lahore. Other major Pakistani cities: Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, Peshawar, and Quetta.
    Spoken languages are Urdu (a form of Hindustani), English (both official), Punjabi, Sindhi, Dari, Balochi, and Pashto.

    Islamic Republic of Pakistan - (Urdu: ?????? ??????? ???????)

    Country Profile

    The separation in 1947 of British India into the Muslim state of Pakistan (with two sections West and East) and largely Hindu India was never satisfactorily resolved.
    A third war between these countries in 1971 resulted in East Pakistan seceding and becoming the separate nation of Bangladesh. A dispute over the state of Kashmir is ongoing. In response to Indian nuclear weapons testing, Pakistan conducted its own tests in 1998.
    (Source: CIA - The World Factbook)

    Official Name:
    Islami Jamhooriya-e-Pakistan
    short form: Pakistan
    int'l long form: Islamic Republic of Pakistan

    ISO Country Code: pk, pak

    Local Time = UTC +5h
    Actual Time: Wed-Nov-11  12:32

    Country Calling Code: +92

    Capital City: Islamabad (pop. 1 million) and adjacent Rawalpindi (1 400 000) comprise the national capital area with a combined population of 3.7 million. 

    Other Cities:
    Karachi (9 million), Lahore (5 million), Faisalabad (2 million) and Hyderabad (1 million)

    Type: Parliamentary democracy.
    Independence: 14 August 1947.

    Location: Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea between India on the east and Iran and Afghanistan on the west and China in the north.
    Area: 796,000 km² (311,000 sq. mi.)
    Terrain: Flat Indus plain in east; mountains in north and northwest; Balochistan plateau in west.

    Climate: Mostly hot, dry desert; temperate in northwest; arctic in north.

    Nationality: Noun and adjective--Pakistan(i).
    Population: 188,1 million (2015)
    Ethnic groups: Punjabi, Sindhi, Pathan (Pushtun), Baloch, Muhajir (i.e., Urdu-speaking immigrants from India and their descendants), Saraiki, Hazara.
    Religions: Muslim 97%; small minorities of Christians, Hindus, and others.
    Languages: Urdu (national and official), English, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushtu, Balochi, Hindko, Brahui, Saraiki (Punjabi variant).
    Literacy: 45.7%; male 59.8%; female 30.6%.

    Natural resources: Extensive natural gas reserves, limited petroleum, poor quality coal, iron ore, copper, salt, limestone.

    Agriculture products:
    Cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables; milk, beef, mutton, eggs.

    Industries: Textiles and apparel, food processing, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, paper products, fertilizer.

    Exports - commodities: textiles (garments, bed linen, cotton cloth, yarn), rice, leather goods, sporting goods, chemicals, manufactures, carpets and rugs

    Exports - partners: USA 13.1%, UAE 9.1%, Afghanistan 9.1%, China 8.8%, UK 5.4%, Germany 4.9% (2015)

    Imports - commodities: petroleum, petroleum products, machinery, plastics, transportation equipment, edible oils, paper and paperboard, iron and steel, tea

    Imports - partners: China 28.1%, Saudi Arabia 10.9%, UAE 10.8%, Kuwait 5.6% (2015)

    Currency: Pakistani Rupee (PKR)

    Pakistan in Figures
    Pakistan key statistical data.

    Political System
    Pakistan is an Islamic and federal parliamentary republic with Islam as its state religion. Chief of state is the president, head of government is the prime minister. The cabinet is appointed by the president upon the advice of the prime minister. Pakistan's federal and supreme legislative branch is a bicameral parliament (Majlis ê Shura), it consists of a Senate and the National Assembly. The country's legal system is a common law system with Islamic law influence.

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    Official Sites of Pakistan

    The Government of Pakistan
    The Official Government Site.

    President of Pakistan
    Official Website of the presidency of the Islamic Republic.

    Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
    The information gateway to Pakistan.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan
    Official site of the ministry.

    Diplomatic Missions
    Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the UN
    Pakistan's representation to the United Nations.
    Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the U.S.
    Official site of the Embassy in Washington D.C.
    Pakistani Embassies and Missions Abroad
    Address list of Pakistani Embassies and Missions Abroad.
    Foreign Embassies in Islamabad
    Address list of Foreign Embassies in Islamabad.
    Foreign Missions in Pakistan
    List of Foreign Missions in Pakistan.

    Regional Governments
    Government of the Punjab
    Official site of the Government of the Punjab.
    Government of Sindh
    Official site of the Government of Sindh.

    Population Libraries Network of Pakistan (POPLIBNET)
    Pakistan's population in facts and figures.
    Statistics Division
    National Statistical Office of Pakistan.

    Pakistan in Figures
    Pakistan key statistical data.

    Pakistan Meteorological Department
    Climate in Pakistan.


    profile Map of Pakistan
    Political Map of Pakistan.
    profile Administrative Map of Pakistan
    Map showing Pakistan's administrative divisions.
    profile Map of Kashmir Region
    Political Map of Pakistan.

    Google Earth Google Earth Pakistan
    Searchable map/satellite view of Pakistan.
    Google Earth Google Earth Islamabad
    Searchable map/satellite view of Pakistan's capital city.
    Google Earth Google Earth Abbottabad
    Searchable map/satellite view of Abbottabad, hiding place of Osama bin Laden.
    Google Earth Google Earth Karachi
    Searchable map/satellite view of Karachi, largest city and business capital of Pakistan.
    Google Earth Google Earth Lahore
    Searchable map/satellite view of Lahore, second largest city of Pakistan.

    profile Map of Asia
    Reference map of Asia.

    Shah Faisal mosque in Islamabad
    Shah Faisal Masjid (mosque) seen from Damn e Koh in Islamabad. It is Pakistan's national mosque.
    Image: Abdul Baqi


    Associated Press of Pakistan - APP
    Pakistan News Agency, Islamabad.

    Pakistan news.
    The Friday Times
    Pakistan's independent weekly paper (Subscribers Only).
    Daily Times
    English-language, publishes in Lahore and Karachi.
    The Frontier Post
    English daily published from Peshawar and Quetta.
    The Nation
    National and international news.
    The News International
    The News International Pakistan.
    The Pakistan Link
    First Pakistan newspaper on the internet.

    Pakistan News in Urdu
    Daily Ausaf
    Pakistan News (in Urdu)
    Pakistan News (in Urdu)

    International News Sources
    BBC News Country Profile: Pakistan
    With links to Pakistan related news and background information.
    Karachi and Pakistan News by World News Network
    Reuters AlertNet - Pakistan violence
    Reuters news.

    Human Rights
    Amnesty International: Pakistan
    Amnesty International Reports.
    Human Rights Watch: Pakistan
    Background Briefings.

    Press freedom
    Reporters sans frontières - Pakistan
    Annual report about Press freedom in the country.

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    Arts & Culture

    Pakistan Museum of Natural History - PNMH
    The museum of natural history in Islamabad offers botanical sciences, earth sciences, zoological sciences and public services.

    Simple Pakistani news and stories without religious, political or military tones - presented unmodified and unedited at their sources.

    Pakistan youth culture: music, ghazals, films, fashion and more.
    Harappa seal
    Seal found in Harappa, an archaeological site in Punjab. 

    Business & Economy

    State Bank of Pakistan
    Pakistan's Central Bank.

    Lahore Stock Exchange
    Official website of the Stock Exchange.

    Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd.
    Founded 1947, 1949 converted and registered as a company limited by guarantee.

    Trade Development Authority Of Pakistan - TDAP
    TDAP is the successor organization to the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) of the Government of Pakistan.


    Pakistan International Airlines
    The flag carrier airline of Pakistan, based in Karachi.
    Private airline based in Karachi.
    Shaheen Air International
    Another Pakistani private airline based in Karachi, seves cities in Pakistan and countries in the Persian Gulf.

    International Airports
    Benazir Bhutto International
    Islamabad, Rawalpindi, (IATA: ISB)
    Jinnah International Airport
    Pakistan's largest international and domestic airport Karachi, (IATA: KHI)
    Allama Iqbal International
    Pakistan's second largest civil airport, Lahore (IATA: LHE)
    Other international airports in Pakistan.
    Gwadar (IATA: GWD)
    Peshawar (IATA: PEW)
    Quetta (IATA: UET)

    Pakistan Railway
    Pakistan Railway maintains 7,400 miles (11,900 km) of track across Pakistan.

    Derawar Fort in Bahawalpur District, Punjab province, Pakistan
    Derawar Fort, a large square fortress in Bahawalpur District, Punjab province. The fort was built by Rai Jajja Bhatti in the 9th century AD.
    Image: Tahsin Shah

    Travel and Tour Consumer Information

    Destination Pakistan - Travel and Tour Guides

    Discover Pakistan: Pakistan's main attractions include cultural and archaeological tourism as found in Taxila, Moenjodaro, Harrappa, and early Muslim and Mughal heritage at Multan, Lahore, Thatta, Peshawar and Swat.
    Adventure tourism in the Northern Areas: Hunza valley, Mt. Rakaposhi, Nanga Parbat, Khyber Pass, Karakoram, K-2.
    Find accommodation, hotels, attractions, festivals, events, tourist boards, adventure, skiing, hiking, climbing, cruising, diving, tours and much more.

    Pakistan Tourism
    Pakistan Tourism Development.

    Pakistan Travel Web
    Discover Pakistan.
    US based Pakistan portal - Its All About Pakistan.

    Lonely Planet Pakistan
    The backpackers guide 2 Pakistan.

    Tourist Attractions - Government of Balochistan
    About the largest province of Pakistan.

    City Guides
    A city guide to Islamabad.
    The city of Karachi.
    The capital of Punjab and the second largest city in the country.

    Iskardoo, Pakistan
    Iskardoo, a northern area of Pakistan.

    Islamabad - Faisal Mosque, Pakistan
    Faisal Mosque Islamabad
    © islamabad.ne


    Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education - FBISE
    FBISE Islamabad, Pakistan.
    Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Board Dera Ghazi Khan
    B.I.S.E D . G . Khan
    Board Of Intermediate Education Karachi
    Board Of Intermediate & Secondary Education Lahore
    BISE Lahore
    Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Peshawar

    Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Institute - GIK
    Institute of Engineeering Sciences and Technology.
    Hamdard University
    Official site of Hamdard University, Karachi.
    Lahore University of Management Sciences
    The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is a national university.
    National University of Science and Technology
    Official site of NUST, Islamabad.
    Quaid-I-Azam University
    Pakistan's most prestigious university.
    Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute
    Institute of Science & Technology.
    University of Balochistan
    Official website of the university.
    University of Karachi
    Pakistan's biggest university established in 1951.

    English-Urdu Dictionary and Translations.

    Environment & Nature

    Pakistan Water Gateway
    Information related to water resources and issues in Pakistan.

    Wildlife of Pakistan
    Comprehensive website about Pkistan's nature and wildlife.


    Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
    Article about the Father of the Nation, the founder of Pakistan.

    Quick-History of Pakistan
    Comprehensive collection of information on Pakistan's History.

    National Fund for Cultural Heritage
    Places of Historic Interest and Natural Beauty in Pakistan.

    Pakistan History
    Pakistan's Historical Background.

    Story of Pakistan
    Comprehensive Reference on the Political History of Pakistan.

    History of Pakistan
    Wikipedia article about Pakistan's history.
    Portrait of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.
    Portrait of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan
    (25 December 1876 – 11 September 1948)


    Pakistan portal.

    Sources and additional Information on Pakistan

    Amnesty International: Pakistan

    BBC Country Profile: Pakistan

    FAO: Pakistan

    GlobalEDGE: Pakistan

    The Heritage Foundation: Pakistan

    Human Rights Watch: Pakistan

    OEC: Pakistan

    Reporters Without Borders: Pakistan

    Wikipedia: Pakistan

    The World Factbook -- Pakistan

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