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    Bucegi Mountains in central Romania
    Bucegi Mountains in central Romania seen from Postavaru massif.
    Image: Gabriel
    Flag of Romania
    Flag of Romania
    Location map of Romania. Where in Europe is Romania?
    Location map of Romania
    A virtual guide to Romania, a country in East Central Europe bordering on the Black Sea in south east, it borders Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine, and it shares a maritime border with Turkey.

    Romania covers an area of 238,391 km2, compared it is somewhat smaller than the United Kingdom (242,900 km2), or slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Oregon.

    Romania has a population of 19.8 million people (2015), capital and largest city is Bucharest, with a population of 2 million people. Spoken language is Romanian (official).


    Country Profile

    Soviet occupation following World War II led to the formation of a communist "peoples republic" in 1947 and the abdication of the king.

    The decades-long rule of President Nicolae CEAUSESCU became increasingly draconian through the 1980s. He was overthrown and executed in late 1989.
    Former communists dominated the government until 1996 when they were swept from power.

    Much economic restructuring remains to be carried out before Romania can achieve its hope of joining the EU.
    (Source: CIA - The World Factbook)


    Official Name: Romania

    ISO Country Code: ro, rou

    Local Time = UTC +2h (Summer +3h)
    Actual Time: Fri-Nov-6  22:53

    Country Calling Code: +40

    Capital City: Bucuresti (Bucharest; pop. 2 million)

    Other Cities: Iasi (350 000), Constanta (344 000), Timisoara (327 000), Cluj-Napoca (334 000), Galati (331 000), Brasov (316 000)

    Type: Republic.
    Constitution: 8 December 1991, amended by referendum October 2003.

    Location: Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Ukraine.
    Area: 238,391 km2 (92,043 sq. mi.).
    Terrain: Consists mainly of rolling, fertile plains; hilly in the eastern regions of the middle Danube basin; and major mountain ranges running north and west in the center of the country, which collectively are known as the Carpathians.

    Climate: Temperate-continental, four seasons, cold winters with frequent snow; sunny summers.

    Nationality: Romanian(s).
    Population: 19.8 million (2015)
    Ethnic groups: Romanians 88.6%; Hungarians (including Szecklers) 6.5%; Roma (Gypsies) 3.2%; other ethnic groups -1.4%.
    Religions: Eastern Orthodox - 86.7%; Protestant - 5.2%; Roman-Catholic - 4.7%; Romanian Greek-Catholic - 0.9%, Evangelical - 0.1%; Unitarian - 0.3%; other religions - 0.4%.
    Languages: Romanian (official), Minority languages: Hungarian, German, Chinese.
    Literacy: 98%.

    Natural resources: Petroleum (reserves declining), timber, natural gas, coal, iron ore, salt, arable land, hydropower.

    Agriculture products: Wheat, corn, barley, sugar beets, sunflower seed, potatoes, grapes; eggs, sheep.

    Industries: Textiles and footwear, light machinery and auto assembly, mining, timber, construction materials, metallurgy, chemicals, food processing, petroleum refining.

    Exports - commodities: machinery and equipment, other manufactured goods, agricultural products and foodstuffs, metals and metal products, chemicals, minerals and fuels, raw materials

    Exports - partners: Germany 19.8%, Italy 12.5%, France 6.8%, Hungary 5.4%, UK 4.4% (2015)

    Imports - commodities: machinery and equipment, other manufactured goods, chemicals, agricultural products and foodstuffs, fuels and minerals, metals and metal products, raw materials

    Imports - partners: Germany 19.8%, Italy 10.9%, Hungary 8%, France 5.6%, Poland 4.9%, China 4.6%, Netherlands 4% (2015)

    Currency: Leu (RON)


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    Official Sites of Romania

    Presedintia României
    The Romanian Presidency. (Romanian only)

    Guvernul României
    The Government of Romania.

    The Romanian Senate.

    Ministerul Afacerilor Externe (MAE)
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Diplomatic Missions
    Romanian Mission to United Nations
    Permanent Mission of Romania to the UN - New York.
    Embassy of Romania
    Washington, D.C.
    Romanian Diplomatic Missions Abroad
    Address list of Romanian Diplomatic Missions Abroad.
    Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Romania
    Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Romania.

    C.N. Institutul National de Meteorologie Hidrologie si Gospodarire a Apelor (INMH)
    National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.


    Map of Romania
    Political Map of Romania.

    Google Earth Google Earth Romania
    Searchable map and satellite view of Romania.
    Google Earth Google Earth Bucharest
    Searchable map and satellite view of Romania's capital.
    Google Earth Google Earth Constanta
    Searchable map and satellite view of Constanta.

    Map of the Balkan Peninsula
    Political Map of the Balkans.
    Map of Central and Eastern Europe
    Political Map of Europe.
    Map of Europe
    Political Map of Europe.

    Fortified church of Archita, Mure? County, Romania
    The fortified church of Archita, Mure? County, Romania.
    Image: Silvia Nichita 


    Press Agencies
    Romanian Press Agency.

    Online Newspapers
    National News (Romanian).
    Evenimentul Zilei
    Romanian News (Romanian).
    Romanian daily (Romanian).
    Romania Libera
    Romanian newspaper (in Romanian).
    Ziarul de Iasi
    National news (Romanian).
    National and international news (Romanian).

    Jurnalul National
    Daily with an English Version.
    Nine o'Clock
    Daily English language newspaper.

    Bucharest Business Week
    Business, Finance and National News (in Romanian).
    Business weekly.

    Televiziunea Româna - TVR
    Romania 1 and TVR 2, state-owned (in Romanian).

    Radio Romania
    State-owned radio station, operates national and regional networks.
    Radio Romania International
    Part of Radio Romania.

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    Arts & Culture

    The National Museum of Art of Romania
    National Museum of Art in Bucharest.

    Romanian Cultural Resources
    Culture in Romania - Romanian Cultural Resources.

    Romanian English Dictionary
    Online Dictionary Romanian to English and vice versa.

    Business & Economy

    National Bank of Romania
    The Central Bank of Romania.

    Bucharest Stock Exchange
    BSE's official website.

    Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Bucharest
    Official website of the chamber.

    Trade Point Bucuresti
    Trade Point Bucharest

    Blue Air
    Romanian low-cost airline.
    TAROM is the flag carrier airline of Romania.

    Aeroportul International Henri Coanda
    Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport, busiest airport in Romania.

    Caile Ferate Romane - CFR
    Romanian State Railway.
    C?ile Ferate Romane
    Romanian passenger trains.
    Grup Feroviar Roman - GFR
    GFR is the largest private railway company in Romania.
    Bucharest Parliament at night
    Bucharest Parliament at night.
    Photo by Victor Petcu
    Dracula's Castle, Bran Castle, Bra?ov, Romania
    Bran Castle near Bra?ov is a national monument and landmark in Romania. The fortress, commonly known as "Dracula's Castle" is situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia.
    Image: Calatorinlume

    Travel and Tour Consumer Information

    Destination Romania - Travel and Tour Guides

    Discover Romania:
    Castles and Palaces: Bran Castle, Corvin Castle, Cotroceni Palace, Mogo?oaia Palace, Palace of Culture, Palace of the Parliament, Peli?or Castle, Pele? Castle, Poenari Castle;
    Monasteries and Churches:
    Biserica Neagr? (Black Church), Cozia Monastery, Moldovi?a Monastery, Romanian Patriarchal Cathedral, Putna Monastery, Stavropoleos Monastery, Timi?oara Orthodox Cathedral, Vorone? Monastery,
    Accommodation, hotels, attractions, festivals, events, tourist boards, biking, skiing, hiking, climbing, cruising, diving, tours and much more.

    The Official Tourism Site of Romania by the National Authority for Tourism.

    Charming Romanian tourism promotion.

    Romanian Travel Guide
    Welcome to Romania.

    Bucharest Tourism
    Tourist guide to Bucharest, Romania's capital city.



    Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
    Public university located in Ia?i, founded in 1860.
    Ion Mincu - Institute of Architecture - IMUAU
    University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest.
    University of Bac?u
    Public university in Bac?u.
    University of Bucharest
    Public university founded in 1864.
    Universitatea de Nord
    A multidisciplinary institution, Baia Mare.
    Universitatea de Vest,
    The University of the West in Timisoara was founded in 1962.

    University of Bucharest
    Central University Library, Bucharest with the statue of King Carol I of Romania.
    Image: Marian Nedelcu

    Environment & Nature

    Ministry of Environment and Waters Management
    Official website of the ministry (in Romanian).
    National Institute of Research and Development for Earth Physics
    NIEP provides earthquake information for current and past earthquakes, hazards and preparedness information, and education resources for teachers and students.
    Garda Nationala de Mediu
    National institute for environment protection (in Romanian).

    Terra Mileniul III
    NGO for the protection of the environment (in Romanian).


    History of Romanians
    History of Romania and the Romanians, by Ion Calafeteanu.

    The Romanian History Index (WWW Virtual Library )
    Internet resources on the History of Romania.


    Sources and additional Information about Romania

    Amnesty International: Romania

    BBC Country Profile: Romania

    EU Member Countries: Romania

    FAO: Romania

    GlobalEDGE: Romania

    The Heritage Foundation: Romania

    Human Rights Watch: Romania

    OEC: Romania

    Reporters Without Borders: Romania

    Wikipedia: Romania

    The World Factbook -- Romania
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